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Hypnosis is a completely safe and effective treatment for all kinds of emotional and physical issues. Many people are unsure what hypnosis actually is - it is a state of deep relaxation. In simple terms whilst you are under hypnosis the conscious mind is temporarily allowed to wander bringing the subconscious/unconscious mind to the fore. It is here that your thought and behaviour patterns are set and stored. During hypnosis the therapist communicates directly with your subconscious/unconscious mind allowing negative thought and behaviour patterns to be re-programmed. This will help you to bring about the positive changes you seek. Please note clinical hypnosis bears no resemblance to the stage hypnosis you may have seen on the television and you remain fully in control throughout the session.


People visit me for many different reasons. It may be that they are suffering from stress, anxiety or panic attacks and are finding certain tasks or activities difficult to carry out. They could have a fear or a phobia about something which is restricting their enjoyment of life. Some people find being in social situations difficult and need help with their confidence and self-esteem, Others may wish to lose weight, change their eating habits, become fitter and healthier or stop smoking. Addictions, OCD’s, exam nerves, problems conceiving a child, worries surrounding childbirth and being unable to sleep are also common issues. Most people assume that their problem is unique and that nothing can be done to help them. This is not true at all, Hypnotherapy can be a very effective treatment in dealing with anything that is troubling you or limiting your life. Childhood or past trauma's can also affect us as adults, many people seek Hypnotherapy and other treatments as a means of helping them overcome these memories and moving forward with their lives.


I am very aware that many potential clients may feel nervous at the thought of seeing a therapist.  Hawthorns is in located in a peaceful setting and you will be made to feel welcome and will be put at ease from the moment you arive.  


My Specialist areas:

Although I deal with many different issues on a day to day basis I do have a special interest in Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Panic Attacks and Phobia's. I am very proud to be an approved therapist working for Anxiety UK. This means that individuals who have contacted Anxiety UK for support are often referred to me for treatment. In addition to this I specialise in Hypnobirthing, Infertility, Addictions including smoking,  OCD's and Weight-loss through the Virtual Gastric Band programme.



Free No-Obligation Consultation

I offer a free 20 minute consultation to all potential clients. This allows us to discuss the support you require and the help that I am able to provide. This no obligation chat will enable you to decide if you would like to come and see me. This free consultation is available over the phone, via e-mail, in person at my practice or on skype.


Please contact me to arrange your free initial consultation, I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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